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… Take just a few minutes out of your today,
and you could easily change your life
(don’t worry no experience is necessary)

But Before I Go Any Further,
I just want to show you without a doubt, live,
that this is the real deal…

Hey..Bobby D Here! I often get asked ‘How do I get started in Affiliate Marketing? Or ‘Bobby, can you help me get started’.. 

So the simple answer is yes! I can!!

I have helped lots of people have success in the Affiliate Marketing world and now I can help you!


20 Minute Tactics will guide you through the EXACT process I used when I first got started and I still use today.

Not only am I going to show you EXACTLY what to do to get started I am giving away my major FREE traffic sources that I use every day…this alone is worth the $7 I am asking for this.

With over the shoulder videos tutorials this really is a ‘Copy And Paste’ method to get started and to bring in commissions.

The best bit…. I show you how with only 20 Minutes A Day you can start to bring in Passive Income for ever…

What Exactly Is 20 Minute Tactics..

The Perfect ‘Copy & Paste’ System For Anyone New To Internet Marketing

Over the Shoulder Videos Showing you EXACTLY How To Make Money

A Full System From A-Z On How To Make It In Affiliate Marketing

If you can ‘Copy And Paste’ You Can Make This Work

The PERFECT System To Get PASSIVE Income

Four FREE Methods Getting FREE TRAFFIC

20 Minutes A Day System To Passive Income

The easiest and fastest way to start In Affiliate Marketing And Copy Exactly What I Do To Make Daily Paypal Payments.

Today, right now, for an extremely limited time I want to invite you behind the scenes, and reveal to you 20 Minute Tactics.


20 Minute Tactics can literally allow you to CUT and PASTE and GENERATE HUGE success starting in just minutes from now.

See Some Reviews Here :

YouTube Video Review’s

Search YouTube ‘2o Minute Tactics Review’


I contacted Bobby with a question regarding 20 Minute Tactics and he not only responded quickly (about an hour later), but he also offered me a review copy, which I graciously accepted.

I’m not sure how much more I can add to the positive reviews that have already been posted, but I will definitely throw in my recommendation. This is a fantastic product! Here’s why. Bobby has a no-nonsense, no-fluff style of teaching. No long, drawn-out explanations, regurgitated theories, or personal (who cares) stories. Just a simple, step-by-step method for making affiliate commissions.

And you’ll be building a REAL business, not some unethical or temporary loophole or scam. I’m sure most of you will be familiar with the business model Bobby teaches, but how many of you are actually doing it? No reinventing the wheel here, just a proven, solid business plan that even the greenest of beginners can have set-up quickly and see their first commissions within a few days (at most!).

When Bobby says “copy and paste” he really means it. It really is that simple. Just watch his clear and succinct videos, do what he says, and you’re on your way. He shows you the simplest ways to get the important components set-up, nothing hard or complicated here.

Greg Bennett

If you are on the fence about this product–buy it!

This really is the road map to success as an affiliate marketer.

In fact, I was so impressed by the product, that I am going to look at one of bobby other products

And please do not think that this works with only make money online products–because it will work with any product.

In fact, as I stated at the beginning of this review–the product he picked on clikcbank as an example had nothing to do with making money and was not some weird diet pill product.


Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Any Technical Skills Or Experience?

This is the PERFECT system for anyone struggling to new to break into Affiliate Marketing. If you can watch the videos, takes notes and take ACTION this works 100%

What About Training Or Support?

This is a step by step video course and I take you through everything from choosing an offer to setting up your webpages…its all here to get your started as quickly as possible making money online. You also get access to my private Facebook page where you can ask any questions you need.

How Do I Make Sales?

I will show you EXACTLY what I do…not only that I will give you 4 of the main ways I generate FREE Traffic to my offers..all in only 20 minutes a day! 

Does This Work In Any Niche?

100% Yes! I will show you how this works with Clickbank and Warrior Plus but you can sell any offer there is in exactly the same way!


Nope! This is a digital high quality offer so I am offering no refunds on this. Why? I 100% back this product, it works simple. I have released a number of WSO’s in the past, Flipadom (1800+ Sales), $20 Dollar Days (250+ Sales) and do not get refunds…

why?   This works, its  simple.

If you TAKE ACTION you cannot fail with this.
I am also offering my full support via Facebook and the Facebook Group should you need any help…
it likes having your own personal assistant to hand !